I am and Executive coach, life coach, facilitator of peace of mind, and trainer,

I have worked with enough people over the years from all walks of life to know happiness and / or peace of mind is what most of us are seeking. Though it may show up in language like success, reaching my potential, and many other outwardly focussed destinations. I also know that happiness and success are not linked, nor are they mutually exclusive.

I will work  with you to help you  reach the ultimate ‘goal’ peace of mind in work rest and play. I  will help you navigate the messy water of being human to  understand and transcend  stress, anxiety, worry, low confidence & esteem. I won’t be adding  more tricks or strategies to your to do list.  Instead through conversation, questions and reflection you will  understand the root of your low confidence, stress, anxiety, unhappy relationship, poor career choice.

The by product of this clearer understanding is more happiness, more success (your definition), more being on the right ladder. Because when you understand how this human system  works you will instantly identify for you  what stands in the way of it working.

To experience what I do, though only if you are serious about transformation email me to avail of a FREE 20 minute conversation, as I believe experience speaks louder than explanation.



“Time spent with Jackie is enlightening, very worthwhile and above all fun. I have been coached by her on and off over the past three years she has guided me to clarity in the midst of confusion, Jackie is very professional, very practical and insightful and she clearly loves what she does” .Aidan H, Global Director Blue chip

“In a single coaching session, Jackie listened to me with compassion and integrity. She helped me identify key areas for me with clarity, insight and impressive efficiency. Working with Jackie was an amazing experience.”Carol Veterinary practitioner, Waterford ( telephone session)