More than 15 years ago when this business of Life and business coaching was birthed a friend and I sat to do a brain storming session to get a name. It took      all of 15 minutes to storm “Freedom Unlimited” , At that stage freedom was one of my highest personal values. The name of my first newsletter was “set yourself free”.

I and my business have evolved over the years, to not only include Life and Business coaching as an offering , but mindfulness (mindful living), and  talk therapy (similar to counselling).

Initially my Life coaching practice was  based in Dublin, fortunately with the increase in means of communication I now work with clients from around the globe via Face Time , Skype telephone and still of course face to face.

 Primarily Freedom was my highest  personal  value. However I have noticed, through working with clients, freedom is high on the priority list for many. Freedom from stress, freedom from depression, freedom from negative thinking, freedom from low self esteem, freedom from low confidence, freedom from unhealthy relationships, freedom from unfulfilling jobs, 

To facilitate their moving to this new place of freedom through greater clarity I use some or all of the disciplines of Life / Business coaching, mindfulness and talk therapy.